Increasing profitability in the spare parts business

Experiences of the WEINIG Group

The optimisation of the spare parts business is in the focus of many companies that want to  increase their profitability, as this is of strategic relevance for after-sales. The VDMA webinar on this topic took place on 06.07.2023. More than 100 interested service managers took part in the exchange of experiences.

During the webinar, the WEINIG Group presented synthavo's simple and fast spare parts identification as an important success factor for the profitability of the spare parts business.

WEINIG x synthavo

WEINIG is represented worldwide with 19 locations in twelve countries. This enables them to offer their customers optimum support and short delivery and response times. More than 600 WEINIG LifeTime Services experts on all continents ensure real customer proximity.

Andreas Doikas is Head of LifeTime Services WEINIG Group. In the webinar, he highlighted the challenges WEINIG's service faces every day. Above all, the increasing competition in the spare parts business, efficiency potentials and the lack of an end-to-end digital process keep the machine manufacturer busy. To attack these issues, WEINIG has started working with synthavo.

synthavo's visual spare part identification enables the WEINIG Group to clearly identify spare parts - with just a smartphone photo.
More efficient onboarding and higher utilisation of service technicians offset the effects of the shortage of skilled workers. The entire identification and ordering process is completed in 2 clicks. This leads to significant time savings and increased efficiency in the entire spare parts process with strategic relevance for the WEINIG Group. By directing customers to the OEM's sales channels, customer lock-in is achieved and customer loyalty is increased.

"The first AI application that really brings tangible benefits".
- Head of IT at the WEINIG Group

The WEINIG Group presented the 1-Click spare part identification at the Ligna trade fair in Hanover and reports:

"The customer feedback was overwhelming - the solution went viral at the show."
-Andreas Doikas

The successful cooperation between synthavo and WEINIG illustrates how 1-Click spare parts identification and the strategic partnership with synthavo strengthens customer loyalty and increases profitability in the spare parts business.

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