synthavo joins Cyber Valleys

Europe's largest AI research consortium

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"We look forward to sharing our expertise and benefiting from Cyber Valley's vast network. In order to work on cutting edge technology for the long term, knowledge sharing and research is essential."

- Sebastian Stöcklmeier, CEO synthavo


What is Cyber Valley?
Cyber Valley is Europe's leading center of excellence for advanced
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. It enables cooperation and
exchange of knowledge between universities, companies and
and society. As an ambassador of entrepreneurship, Cyber
Valley aims to strengthen the research, development and application of intelligent
systems. It also provides a platform for
Collaboration and resource sharing. With a focus on ethical
and societal aspects, Cyber Valley promotes dialogue between society and
society and AI researchers, striving for a future in which the full potential of intelligent
full potential of intelligent systems is realized.

As Europe's largest AI research consortium, Cyber Valley is the network for the companies that will help shape the age of AI. Fraunhofer, Porsche, Amazon, Bosch are just a few names of the partners in the network.
By joining, the jury distinguishes synthavo as one of the most innovative AI companies in Germany.
Both we can benefit from the expertise of the network, and the network from our cutting edge technology.

We thank you for joining and look forward to the next breakthroughs in the age of AI.

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